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Do you own, run, race, rally, restore, repair, or just plain love the Firenza, Sportshatch, Magnum, Viva or Chevette?

Interested in the Wayne Cherry prototypes; Silver Bullet, Black Magic and Silver Aero?

Need a four-branch for your HS, gaskets for your HPF, a body kit for your HSR; parts for repair, maintenance or restoration?

Do you know how to keep your HS cool, how to fit a Manta axle, or what gearboxes fit a Firenza?

What about Dealer Team Vauxhall, Old Nail, Bertha, Blydenstein and Gerry Marshall?

You need the DSG!

You're looking at the Yuku forum profile of the Droop Snoot Group, a British car club dedicated to Vauxhall's performance, race and rally cars of the 1970s; the High Performance 'Droopsnoot' Firenza, the Chevette HS and HSR 'homologation specials', the Sports Hatch, and the flat-front Firenza and Magnum. If you'd like to know more about the cars and the club, have a look around!

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About the Droop Snoot Group

'We're building the classics of the future'

- Roy Cooke (Vauxhall Motors), 1973

Back in the 1970s, spurred on by the commercial success of the Viva HB GT and Blydenstein Racing's competition victories, Vauxhall produced an exclusive series of sports and Grand Touring cars based on the company's existing products.

First came the Firenza High Performance Coupe - the HPF, or Droopsnoot, after its pointed, Concorde-like nosecone; then the SportsHatch, the same nosecone grafted onto a Magnum estate; finally, when Vauxhall 's dealer team went rallying, the hairy-chested homologation specials, the twin-cam Chevette HS and HSR.

All these cars used the 2.3 litre version of Vauxhall's torquey 'Slant Four' engine, in single or twin cam, eight or sixteen valve forms.

The Droop Snoot Group was set up in 1980 to look after these cars; to promote and publicise them, to keep them on the road, but above all, to enjoy them.

Nearly thirty years later we're still doing that, as well as catering for their slant-four sisters, the flat-front Firenzas, Magnums and Vivas.

For more information

...Click a button! The 'Cars' page will give you a quick summary, while the 'Club' page tells you all about us, what we do, and the services we offer.

There's some light reading on the 'Features' page, or if you prefer photos take a look at the 'Gallery'; both of these will grow with time - when we have time!

If you want to chat to DSG Members and other owners, take a look at the 'Forum' page, or go directly to the DSG forums. If you'd rather chat to us in person or take a look at the cars, the 'Events' page will tell you where we're likely to be on any given weekend.

If you want to know about our technical service, spare parts or DSG, DTV and Vauxhall merchandise have a glance at the 'Sales' and 'Technical' pages. We'll be adding more here as time goes on, for members and non-members, while telephone and email technical and spares support is available to club members.

The 'Links' page - button at the bottom of this page - will take you to other useful or interesting sites; the 'Site Map' gives you an idea of what to find where, if you're stuck.

If you'd like to join the DSG, our 'Contacts' page has membership fees, other information and contact details for the membership and general secretaries, magazine editor, webmaster and others; our email addresses are also available by following the links on the left.

The Droop Snoot Group Registers

The Droop Snoot Group operates a register scheme, aiming to track the history and whereabouts of all the surviving Snoots, SportsHatches, HSs and HSRs, flat-fronts and race and rally cars.

If you own one of these cars, or know where one's lurking, we'd appreciate as much information as you're happy to give us; please email our Club Registrar using the link on the left.

All information will, of course, be kept strictly confidential.